“HELLO ONSEN, KITTY GARDEN” | Mixed-Media Original

I finally was able to complete the painted "original" for "HELLO ONSEN, KITTY GARDEN". The art is based on the iconic Hoshinoya Onsen(s) (Hot Spring Resort) located around Japan, re-imagined in Pop-Surreal-ポップシュールレアリズム-style & setting. Featuring a cast of kawaii Kitty-esque favorites within a Mandala-Zen-Buddhist visual structure.

"Hello Onsen, Kitty Garden" | Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

"Hello Onsen, Kitty Garden" | Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

I started this piece several years ago as part of a series of my "Nine and a Half Views of Mount Fuji" (we all know kitties have nine lives right?) Kitty-chan is featured in her favorite Oiran (花魁) x Geisha outfit with those sick Koma Geta that give her a little height advantage. Pink Sakura adorn her Kimono, while falling from the sky.

We can see a Gotochi-Kitty Mount Fuji in the background along with her own Great Wave of (Kiti) Kanagawa where one of my new SupaPop characters sits atop a Kitty-Kaiju.

Lots of fun cameos from Kitty's history and some new friends including Daruma, Kokeshi- Kitty, Badtz-Maru, Maneki-Neko-Kitty, JoZilla and a bottle of Milk!

"HELLO ONSEN, KITTY GARDEN" is available to view and purchase at BLOOMING ART GALLERY in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. For direct inquiries, please use my contact page to send me a message.


Earlier versions of the art is available as an Artist Proof by clicking one of the two images below.

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