Watches get "Smart" with FACER & SupaPop!

I'm one of those people who does indeed purchase a new watch every 6-months or so, either because I'm accident prone but mostly as I enjoy seeing a new work of art on my wrist. Sort of like changing cologne. New time period... new time!

So when Little Labs Inc. approached us to collaborate on their new "Facer" platform -- where owners of Smart Watches from Sony, Tag Heuer, LG, Samsung, etc. -- can have a new face for every day of the week, we were thrilled.

Remember that SupaPop is all about "the Future...of the Past"! Retro-Futurism - which really does lend itself for a perfect fit with Smart-Watch technology. Some of the themes I experimented with: Retro Airline, Japanese Monsters (Kaiju), British MOD, Ultra-Kawaii, Gothic-Harajuku, Retro-Gaming and Soul Cinema. 

SupaPop Suzi Sixty-6 Watch by Danconia

The SupaPop watches can tell the time, weather, date, location -- even your WiFi power -- plus little extras like a Time-Travel function which Michio Kaku could probably enlighten us about. ∩(︶▽︶)∩ 

J.Soul 7 SupaPop Watch by Danconia

The SupaPop collection is now live on FACER!

P.S. I did write all the watch "poems" by myself. Thank you McGill!