True believers! Are you ready for Secret Agents! Kung-Fu Legends! Tattooed-Vixens! Evil Doctors! Pulp Detectives! Yakuza Knife Fights! Guess who's coming to Dim Sum? 

Joseph Watson presents Sean Danconia! who is BACK in ACTION -- this time in VEGAS! with a bright, bold, hyper-kinetic tribute to exploitation cinema, outsider art, vintage comics and all things that go "POP" in the night! Get ready to Time-Travel to a double-feature tour-de-force of ultra stylized Super-Pop-Surreal Art! 

A time-machine for your eyes, a "B" movie for your soul - the comic you wish your Mom hadn't thrown away - it can all be yours!

EXTRA | Unveiling of several new pieces with a special preview of character art from Danconia's new animation projects including Suzi Sixty-6, Johnny Wasabi, Afrobot and Best Frenemies. (Announcement on Anime production partners coming soon)

Refreshments will be served plus a possible FREE something or other!  "Never Nuff said!!

When? Wednesday, June 22, 2016 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT) 

Where? Joseph Watson Collection | 107 East Charleston Boulevard Suite 115, Las Vegas, NV 89104