DANCONIA x SHINOBU-SAN (Mr. Ramen + Little Tokyo)

These days Ramen is all the rage in New York and LA with new additions to the Ramen-war opening on a monthly basis. However, few of these spots are run by Japanese who spent their life dedicated to this culinary art. In other words, they look good, add lots of MSG and pour fat down your hungry little mouths. But are they actually any good?

In Little Tokyo, Los Angeles – a man still exists that believes in the Art of Ramen, and his name is Shinobu-San. His iconic ramen-ya – Mr. Ramen – has been around for many years and has never looked as sexy as his newer neighbors. But in my humble opinion, he still has the best broth – best actual flavor in Los Angeles. Stop into the back, and you’ll see a scene right out of Tampopo or Ramen Girl.

Shinobu-san’s been a solid friend and great supporter of my art for many years. When he approached me, asking if I could make something for him that would liven things up a bit — I was super excited.

I suggested we create virtual “screens” which would each open up into a different world…within worlds…and showcase some of the new, old and (my) original icons of anime and Asian pop-culture.

The result are below. He’s upgrading the ceiling (open concept), floor and front sign in the next six months. This was the beginning. But the Ramen will stay the same!

Mr. Ramen | 341 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 | (213) 626-4252 — located a hop, skip and jump from the Japanese American National Museum, the JACCC and Little Tokyo Village Plaza